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Seasons on the Farm

The ever changing face of the farm. Each season and every day is a bit different on the farm. Comings, goings, growing, dying.

WINTER-Perusing the pleathera of seed catalogs for just the right varieties while enjoying the fires glow. Mixing seeding soil and planting thousands of seeds for transplanting into the garden.

SPRING-lots of energy, prepping garden beds and hoop houses, transplanting seedlings and planting seeds as the weather improves and permits.

SUMMER-harvesting early plantings of greens and radishes, gathering mid summer vegetables of cabbage, kohlrabi and green onions while planting a second round of greens and radishes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. We are also making seasonal jams, jellies and herbed salts. 

FALL-picking and processing apples, curing and storing winter squash, roasting and dehydrating tomatoes, canning, fermenting sauerkraut, freezing veggie mixes for winter soup, stews and roasting.

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